Projects - 2016

A responsive website design.

The second iteration of continued to build on the concept of one centralized state portal. We implemented changes based on user feedback. We also continued to enhance the website's accessibility. State Website Re-Design - 2016 State Website Design - 2015 - 2015

A responsive website design.

It had been 15+ years since was updated. It featured decade old code and content. We wanted to bring the whole website up-to-date with the latest web design best practices. The main concept behind the design is to create one centralized website where citizens can come to find information and complete tasks easily and quickly. We built it using the Foundation framework, completely reorganized the website architecture, increased the accessibility, conducted user testing, card sorting, and migrated to a new CMS.

CT DMV Mobile - 2015

Mobile Application

The mobile app features DMV wait times, locations and basic information. It also contains practice driving tests so citizens can practice taking the driving test while preparing to get their licenses. The project included creating wireframes, workflow, and designing the app icon.

DMV Mobile Application - 2015 Agency Website Template - 2013 - Agency Template

A mobile first, responsive website design.

The goal of this project was to update the state agency template. It wasn’t mobile friendly or responsive and I wanted to incorporate some of the design elements from the design. I started with the base of the main website, updated the Foundation version and enhanced the mobile menu. Another goal was to ensure the template was flexible enough to work with many different agencies' website content. I used the Foundation 4 framework and built it mobile first with responsive design. - 2013

A mobile first, responsive website design.

For this design of the website, I continued to focus on the structure and content for the small screen first. I continued to enhance the responsive design by making code enhancements and utilized the Foundation framework for increased functionality. website design - 2013 website - 2012 - 2012

A mobile first, responsive website design.

I worked with a talented team to build the website mobile first using responsive design. It was the first state website to embrace this design concept and set the standard going forward. I worked closely with the creative director planning for the switch to mobile first, developing the code and adding CSS animations.

Web Designers Idea Book 2013

This design was featured in the 2013 Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book.

Logo Design

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Robert Harrington Studios Logo Rebecca Velasquez Yoga and Meditation Logo
Conneticut Photography Plus Logo A New Focus Photography Logo

Hi! I'm Leslie

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